File photo: Doctor

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Ghana has challenged the authenticity of media personality Stacy Amoateng’s claims she contracted cervical cancer from a birth control method.

In a rejoinder, the Association said there is no scientific data and evidence to support the assertion that any form of Intrauterine Device (IUD) causes cervical cancer as claimed by the media personality.

In the statement, signed by its president, Dr Ali Samba, the Society reiterated that the “copper IUD, which is one of two forms of IUD is a safe and effective form of long reversible contraception and couples who desire to use them or are using them can do so without fear or panic.”

Furthermore, they educated the public on the nature of the safety and effectiveness of the long-term reversible contraception.


“The Society also cautions the general public that cervical cancer generally has no symptoms in its early stages. Regular screening with the pap smear, visual inspection with acetic acid and testing for high-risk human papilloma virus is recommended for early detection and prevention.

“However, any woman diagnosed with cervical cancer is advised to comply with medical treatment which includes surgery and chemo-radiation therapy. Good nutrition and prayer, while good for general health and well-being, are not specific treatment modalities for cervical cancer,” it concluded.

They explained the rejoinder is to correct every misinformation being conveyed by a video circulating where the media personality narrated in an interview how she survived the almost fatal cancer as a complication from the contraception.