Ghanaian businessman, Ibrahim Mahama, has been spotted flying an aircraft in a new video circulating online.

In the video, which was first shared on his Instagram page, the Engineers & Planners (E&P) boss is seen seated in the cockpit with a pilot’s headset on his head.

The businessman held on to the yoke (steering wheels/controls) of the plane and manoeuvered with it.

From the setting and the cloudiness, Mr Mahama’s plane seemed to have taken off and was already in the air. It is not known where the businessman was flying to or which plane he was flying but he is known to own a plane.

Mr Mahama, one of the wealthiest people in Ghana, is known to be the first individual to own private jet in the country.

His plane is Bombardier 604 luxury jet named Dzata. News of his plane first came up when the New York Times reported in 2014 that the aircraft had been flagged by the US for a trip to Iran.

Sharing the video, Mr Mahama asked if his followers were interested in flying with him. “Captain Ibrahim Mahama… who is flying with me today?”

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