Martin Amidu

Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, says the Minority in Parliament has an obligation based on constitutional ethics and integrity to “walk its talk” by insisting on submitting a new 2022 Budget by the government instead of an amendment of the previous budget, which they rejected.

In his latest epistle titled, ‘The shameless compromises of the one-party political elite against the Ghanaian electorate’, the anti-corruption crusader said any decision by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members of Parliament (MPs) to accept the old budget that was later approved by the Majority based on illegal rescission will be a betrayal and “sell out of its conscience and the people of Ghana.”

“After the November 26, 2021 rejection of the 2022 Budget, any Minority sincerely believing in the cause of the suffering of the Ghanaian public, its opposition to the draconian budget, and the reasons proffered for its rejection would not have bargained over the only option left for government: the submission of a new 2022 Budget and Economic Policy to Parliament for consideration and approval.


“Any subsequent consensus-building meeting attended by such a sincere Minority on the one hand, and the Majority with its accompanying Minister of Finance, on the other hand, would have had only one agenda item: negotiating common grounds to guide the preparation and submission of a new 2022 Budget to Parliament,” he added.

Below is the full statement: