There was agitation in YaoundéCameroon after a man won 13 billion CFA Francs ($22 million) yet wasn’t paid.

It was gathered that the man played a bet with $350 (200,000 CFA Francs) and won the 13bn CFA Frans/ $22 million.

As opposed to paying him the cash, the games wagering organisation shut and erased his record.

When he visited the workplace, they offered him $687,000 (400 million CFA Francs).

He was said to have dismissed it and requested the first aggregate, however, the organisation apparently declined.

The man went to call individuals in his area and this incited young people who stormed the Sports wagering office.

The young people were said to have used weapons and requested that the man be paid his 13 billion CFA Francs.

The man later granted a radio interview to share his story.