President Nana Akufo-Addo (L) and Martin Amidu

The Communications Director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, says Martin Amidu’s petition for Kissi Agyebeng to be removed as Special Prosecutor fuels the President’s plan to oust him.

According to him, prior to Mr Amidu’s petition, there were already plots to remove the Special Prosecutor from office.

Speaking on JoyNews’ The Pulse on May 20, he said Mr Amidu’s petition would only make Mr Agyebeng’s removal legitimate.

Although Sammy Gyamfi said he has not seen Martin Amidu’s full petition and has not heard a rebuttal from Kissi Agyebeng, he asserts that “Martin Amidu’s petition is only feeding into a grand conspiracy by the President to remove Kissi Agyebeng. You should be very naive not to see that.”

“The President has an agenda, to get out of office anybody who dares to fight corruption under him.”

He added that, there have been instances where individuals, including Daniel Yao Domelevo, were removed from office because they attempted to fight corruption.

Mr Gyamfi argued that, given there is already a plan to remove the Special Prosecutor and the fact that the president has forwarded it to the Chief Justice, Mr Agyebeng would undoubtedly be removed.

“It should be oblivious even to the naïve that there is a  conspiracy to remove the special prosecutor because clearly they are not happy with the fact that he is not doing their bidding in witch hunting certain people he would him to witch-hunt. They are not comfortable in some of the case, he has taken up,” he added.