A video capturing a man’s bold confrontation with pastors and their congregation during a church service has gone viral on social media, stirring up discussions about noise pollution during religious gatherings.

The man, visibly frustrated, is seen holding back three foreign-bred dogs to warn the pastors to reduce the noise during their service.

In the video, the man went straight to the pulpit to express his displeasure at the loud prayers and worship.

Rather, the church members continue fervently praying like they are casting out demons, seemingly oblivious to the man’s presence.

After a few minutes of not reaching an agreement, the man decides to leave the premises, but not before making his point.

This incident highlights a growing concern among Ghanaians who reside near churches.

The issue of noise pollution from religious activities has become a subject, with many residents hesitant to report it due to the fear of being labelled as ‘evil’ or anti-religious.