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A 34-year-old gas repairer, Alhassan Musah, has been injured after a cylinder he was working on exploded at Awutu Bereku Zongo in the Awutu Senya West District in the Central Region.

Mr Musah, who disclosed that he had been in the business for over 10 years, suffered degrees of burns on both legs and hands.

He told Adom News’ Seth Kofi Adjei that he was asked by one of his clients to work on a small kitchen gas cylinder.

During the repair work, he said he discovered a hole but ignored and continued to work as the gas leaks.

Unbeknownst, fire had been set by a neighbour, which lit him up in flames.

The fire was soon quenched out and he was transferred to the hospital for treatment of his burns.


Meanwhile, former Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya West Constituency, Nenyi George Andah, has visited him and paid his medical bills.

Describing Zongo as his base, Mr Andah reiterated that he has his people at heart though not being in power, his reason for visiting the injured.

He urged the constituents to observe safety and COVID-19 protocols.