pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

Social media is buzzing with conversations after a man discovered that his pregnant girlfriend is his blood sister.

In a tweet shared by a man identified as @KhJrSly, his best friend was devastated when he decided to return home with his pregnant fiancée whom he lived with in the US to visit her parents.

According to @KhJrSly, his friend discovered that his fiancee’s father happens to be his actual father too.

This occurred because the man who got his girlfriend pregnant was fatherless and was raised by his mother, thus, he had no idea who his biological father was.

The tweet read: “Raised by a single mum, got your girlfriend pregnant in the US. Then she takes you home to meet her folks and her dad is your actual dad. My boy dey go through series of madness this afternoon.”

The news garnered mixed reactions on social media as many opined that this is one of the many reasons that there shouldn’t be sex before marriage because when people desist from having sex before marriage, they are able to know each other’s family backgrounds to prevent such unforeseen circumstances.