File photo: A shrine

A UK-based husband and wife have confessed to independently seeking the services of same witch doctor known in local parlance as ‘juju’ to kill each other. 

The man, identified as Baba Gamu, made the first visit to the witch doctor, requesting the demise of his wife.

He defended his actions during the family gathering by claiming that he had been informed by prophets of his wife’s alleged use of black magic or juju against him.

He further stated that his estranged wife had even expelled him from their shared residence.

The startling twist in this macabre tale came to light when the family discovered that the witch doctor, having been entrusted with the task of eliminating Baba Gamu’s wife, had acquired her contact information and photographs.

The witch doctor subsequently contacted the wife, known as Mai Gamu, and divulged her husband’s intentions to murder her.

Strangely, Mai Gamu and the witch doctor devised a plan to instead have Baba Gamu eliminated.

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