Yaa Ampofowaa, the wife of the former Assemblyman for Denkyira-Obuasi jailed for the murder of Major Maxwell Mahama says their children have dropped out of school.

She said her husband, William Baah was the breadwinner of the family thus his incarceration has truncated the education of their three children.

Yaa Ampofowaa said they can barely make ends meet since her husband was arrested after the incident in May 29, 2017.

Even more worrying, she stated is how her children have been asking of their father’s whereabouts.

Now a single mother engaged in hand-to-mouth business, Ms. Ampofowaa said the money she makes is not enough to enroll the children in school.

But for the intervention of her husband’s family, the distraught woman said life would have been unbearable for the children.

Yaa Ampofowaa is certain a reduce sentence for her husband will bring the family some respite.

Meanwhile, the former Assemblyman is part of 11 others serving life in prison for the murder of Major Mahama.


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