Lawyer Twum-Barimah, Private Legal Practitioner and Member of NDC Communications Team

National Democratic Congress (NDC) communications team member, Lawyer Twum-Barimah has asked the Electoral Commission (EC) to maintain the date for this year’s election.

According to him, any day chosen by the EC would affect someone, since there are numerous religious groups in the country who worship on various days.

The EC has proposed date for both presidential and parliamentary elections be moved from December 7 to November 7.

Though some political parties have agreed, the opposition NDC has opposed it noting that, the time does not give the EC sufficient time to prepare for the elections.

In panel discussion on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem Thursday, Mr. Twum-Barimah questioned the rationale for the change in date when in face, the EC did a poor job during last year’s district-level elections.  

“The EC’s work isn’t always efficient. The EC told Ghanaians it was ready for the district-level elections but we all know the mishap that happened. Ghana voted on Saturday in 1996 and it was over 70% turnout. This cannot be the yardstick for changing the date because other religious groups can come out to contest. Any day we set, someone can come and oppose to it. The NDC will not support any change to the date,” he stressed.

The NDC man also urged the EC to put focus on the December election and put measures in place for a fair and transparent elections.

“The EC should also do a live telecast of the counting process. We have advanced since 1996 so everyone should be involved in the counting.To avoid anyone saying he/she was cheated,” he said.