The late evangelist Apraku My Daughter
The late evangelist Apraku My Daughter

A man who says he’s close friends with ‘Apraku My Daughter’ has shared some fond memories he shared with the late preacher.

According to the man whose identity is yet to be established, Apraku frequently visited him in his house every morning for prayers and other chats. 

“He comes to my house every morning; we talk and make fun of each other and before he takes his leave, he prays for me,” he said.

Crying so hard, the man who struggled to even mention his name said, four days prior to his passing away, Apraku prayed for him and told him all his problems had been solved.


He said he was shocked to hear of his sudden demise.

“We always go out to eat together so I shared some soup with him just some few days ago,” he said in an interview with blogger, Kofi Adoma.

Showering praises on the late preacher, the man said Apraku was very benevolent and ensured that those close to him were well taken-care of.

“I call him Agya; indeed, he is a true friend. Agya will always give you money and will take care of you,” he said through his tears.

Listen to the man in audio above: