A lady has narrated her shocking story of how she got pregnant and produced two children for her biological brother.

After being raped and impregnated twice, the woman stated she kept both babies for fear of losing her life through abortion.

Speaking during an interview with Afrimax, the mother recounted how she was hated by her family members, causing her to travel to the city to live with her married brother.

However, she said during her stay at his house, his wife travelled and believed her husband was in the good hands of her sister-in-law.

Aside cooking and performing every household chore, her brother requesed she performs bedroom duties, but when she refused after persistent persuation, he raped her one night after binge drinking.

The few minutes of pleasure, which she said ended with her screaming and in pain, resulted in pregnancy months later, and that was how she gave birth to her first child for her biological brother.

As a result of being sent packing and made an outcast of the family, the woman said she struggled to make ends meet and fend for her son, therefore, she agreed to stay with her brother again after he came pleading.

However, history repeated itself again, as she recounts how she was taken advantage of in a banana plantation she and her brother were cultivating.


Then, a 20-year-old lady, she disclosed she was pregnant with her second child for her brother, and gave birth to a baby girl months later.

She said traditional authorities sided with her brother when she made her report, leaving her with no option than to make a legal case against him.

Consequently, he was found guilty, but he is currently a free man after spending few years behind bars for incest and physical assault.