Kumawood actor, Yaw Adu, Sumsum Ahuofe
Kumawood actor, Yaw Adu, Sumsum Ahuofe

Kumawood actor, Sumsum Ahuofe, has revealed that he nearly beat Ghana’s internet celebrity and actress, Akuapem Poloo when she posed naked with her son to celebrate his birthday.

In an interview on Kingdom Plus FM, the actor said he contacted Akuapem Poloo and advised her to refrain from exposing her nudity on social media.

He explained that teenagers of today have access to smartphones and when they log onto social media and see such nudity, they may be influenced by that to also copy such a lifestyle.


According to him, Akuapem Poloo took his advice but the following day she recorded a video to insult him and uploaded same on social media. It was this act of hers that nearly pushed him to attack her in her residence.

But for the intervention of a mutual friend of the two, he would have beaten Akuapem Poloo.

Some few weeks ago, Akuapem Poloo was the hot topic on all entertainment shows and on social media for posing naked in front of her underage son to celebrate his birthday.