Ace Ankomah is a renowned lawyer
Ace Ankomah is a renowned lawyer

We aren’t dumb because we live here. And you aren’t smarter than us because you live there. We have OUR COVID protocols based on OUR experience. We too we have the doctors some and they are every bit as knowledgeable about this pandemic as those in your favourite countries.

FYI, you do PCR test before you board the plane to come here. When you get here, we do the antigen test here. If you test positive, whether true or false, you will go into quarantine. In three days we will do the PCR test. If you are cleared, that’s okay. Or not, we handle the situation.

Don’t bring your pharmacy distributed free lateral flow test here and come and compare it to anything. And the lady insulting everyone was even doing the test wrong.

It’s that simple. If you don’t want our protocols, please stay where you have chosen to stay, work and pay taxes!

Don’t come and insult us. The whinging and whining and insults are too much!’