Kissi Agyebeng

Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, has announced he will surround himself with a few friends in his quest to succeed in his new endeavour.

Mr Agyebeng was of the view that this would help reduce his contact with people and also reduce their request for favours.

“Practically simply I will have less friends that is why I alluded to my earlier statement in this society of ritualist gift-giving of goodwill, it becomes very difficult. So just a reliance solely on the criminal law is not going to make it.

“Some practical innovative things must come on board so if I start by having less friends, not picking calls so you [people] don’t easily approach me,” he told Parliament’s Appointments Committee on Thursday.

He, however, admitted there may be exceptions as he cites his village chief.

“I admit of course if my village chief calls me and asks for a favour, it will be very difficult not to attend the call but if I place myself within the Act 959, I should be much more insulated from some of these things but if I open myself, I must be ready for dwantoa,” he said.


Mr Agyebeng, among other things, also stated he is his own man coming with his own experiences and personal training, hence would prefer to walk in his own shoes.

He added: “Honourable Chair if given the nod, I shall guard my independence jealously.”