Rapper Kanye West (Evan Agostini / Invision/Associated Press)

Kanye West got into a heated debate during his appearance on Tim Pool’s podcast.

The “Donda” artist, who is currently on a media tour after announcing his 2024 presidential bid, even stormed out of the interview while discussing his anti-Semitic remarks.

During the interview, Ye compared himself to Martin Luther King. “I thought I was more Malcolm X but I found out I’m more MLK,” the rapper, who was joined by far-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, said in the Monday, November 28 episode of “Timcast IRL”.

“As I’m getting hosed down every day by the press and financially, I’m just standing there.”

Tim agreed as he said, “They have been extremely unfair.” Ye later asked what the host meant by “they,” assuming that he could not say it on camera.

Nick Fuentes then responded with his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, though Tim appeared not to buy them.

At one point, Ye decided to stand up and leave the set. Nick and Milo followed suit, and the trio didn’t return to the podcast.

Prior to leaving, Ye said, “To come in here – I feel like it’s a set-up to be like defending. I’m literally going to walk the F off the show.”

He continued, “If I’m sitting up here having to, you know, talk about, ‘You can’t say it was Jewish people that did it.'”