Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah

Justice Anin Yeboah, Ghana’s Chief Justice Nominee has said he believes that issues of corruption in the Judicial Service are exaggerated.

According to him, even though they come in many forms.

Justice Anin Yeboah said even though he would not deny the existence of the menace in the Judiciary, if it happened, it has been exaggerated”.

The Chief Justice Nominee believes a gift will not necessarily be to influence the judgment of the court on a particular case.

“We live in a very small community, we know so many people so if it’s Christmas you come and give me a hamper, which can be more than 500 cedis, will that amount to influencing me so that when you have a case I can favour you,” he quizzed.


“I am talking of ‘gift’ in a cultural sense; if people I know give me a gift I will take it, that is in a cultural sense but if a corporation I don’t know out of nowhere brings me a gift, I can’t take it because I don’t know them and I am certain my colleagues will do so,” he explained his position on the matter further.

Justice Anin Yeboah made the the point while responding to whether he will advocate that judges take gifts when he appeared before the Appointment Committee of Parliament.