The BMW Club Ghana (BMWCGH) is organising and hosting Ghana’s first and public
motorsports event this December.

The event will be held on December 29, 2019 at the Trade Fair, La in Accra.

The track event dubbed the “Accra Launch Control – 2019” will consist of various track actions including categories of events such as AWD Unlimited – AWD Drivetrain, 2WD Unlimited – FWD or RWD Drivetrain, 6-Speed (Manual) – Manual Transmission & Clutch, German Car Shootout.

The event will also consist of tracks actions including any German vehicle, naturally aspirated – no forced induction; Sedan – Four doors, wagons permitted; Motorcycle – motorcycles only; Car Drifts; Bike Wheelies & Stunts; BMX Stunts, Rollerblades and Skateboard stunts; Bike Drag Races, Bike vs Car races and more.


This event will be the first of its kind in Ghana and is supported by the Ghana Ministry of Interior, Ghana Police Service, Ghana Highway Authority, Ghana Ministry of Tourism, La-Badi Traditional Council and The La-Badi Municipal Assembly.

The event will be an annual event that seeks to promote motorsports and bring together all car enthusiasts in Ghana and the West African Region.

Secured track/road length for the event is 1.2 km and expected spectator turn out is estimated to 2,000-3000km.

The sport is currently dominated by the Togolese “Lome Urban Race” held annually in the Togolese Capital, Lome. And the Nigerian “Auto-fest” annually held in the Nigerian commercial Capital, Lagos.

BMW Club Ghana hosts Ghana’s first public motorsports event on Dec. 29

The event is opened to all drivers and car brands. Participating drivers and cars are required to register on the club’s website ( prior to the event.

Spectator and Driver safety is at the core of the organization, organisers have said..

Founded in 2017, BMWCGH has grown to become one of Africa’s fastest growing owner
supported single-marque car club.

Today, BMWCGH has over 200 members nationwide mutually enhancing one another’s BMW ownership and driving experience.

With almost 25,000 followers on social media platforms: (Facebook & Instagram).

As one of BMW’s active and vibrant enthusiast organization, the club represents a lifestyle of
passion, adventure and performance.

BMWCH aims to enhance the BMW experience for our members by providing services, support, information, and activities that promote camaraderie and encourage social awareness and responsibility.

Unofficially, we’re a big support group for the Ultimate Driving Machine addiction. At the heart of our values is the promotion of Driver safety and Social Responsibility. We live these values by actively supporting the BMW Clubs Africa based in South Africa, a BMWCGH statement said.

Below is an official statement from BMWCGH: