Juliet Ibrahim

Actress and musician, Juliet Ibrahim, has replied MzVee after she opined she has stopped being selective with respect to her ‘Mr Right’.

In an interview on Joy News, MzVee explained she gave up the idea of an ideal ‘spec’ when she realised nobody is perfect and no one can tick all her boxes.

However, in sharp contrast, Miss Ibrahim asserted ladies should have standards.

She explained just anybody can approach for love talks, but it takes a picky woman to decide who to be with amongst the lot.

“Ladies should be able to have standards. If you have standard you have to be picky. It is not everybody that will walk up to me and I will accept it.


“For me, intelligence is important, I should be able to have a conversation with you. I cannot be talking about what is happening in America or Covid-19 and you are talking about shoe shine or something else. The level of IQ has to be on the same level,” she said in an interview with TV3.

Hinting on her choice of men, she confessed she is attracted to fashionistas, and humble men