Madina MP

The Association of Magistrates and Judges of Ghana (AMJG) has stated that it will lodge a formal complaint against Member of Parliament for Madina and Private Legal Practitioner, Francis Xavier-Sosu, with the General Legal Council (GLC).

The Association explained that the complaint is with regard to what they described as his ‘reckless’ comment against Judges.

During last Friday’s ‘Yentua Demonstration’, Mr Xavier -Sosu used the opportunity to caution judges to desist from being biased and political in the discharge of their duties.

According to him, this undermines the integrity of the judiciary; adding that judges who conduct themselves in that manner may be dealt with politically when there’s a change of power.

But the Association in a statement issued on Wednesday said, “it considers the statement of Honourable Sosu as deliberate and calculated to create disaffection against the Judiciary and an attempt to scandalise the Judiciary and we condemn the said statement in no uncertain terms.”

The AMJG added that the comment from the Private Legal Practitioner is an unprovoked attack on the Judiciary intended to intimidate judges who are doing their work.

The complaint, they said, is necessary due to the severity of the MP’s comment and the potential to damage the image of the Judiciary.

Judges Association to haul Francis Xavier Sosu to GLC over 'political judges' comment
Judges Association to haul Francis Xavier Sosu to GLC over 'political judges' comment

On Monday, the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) also expressed displeasure over Mr Xavier-Sosu’s comment.

In a statement, the Association said the remarks by the NDC lawmaker are ‘ignorant’ and ‘irresponsible’, with the possibility of courting disaffection for the judges and exposing them to danger.

“The GBA finds the assertion by Francis-Xavier Sosu very unprofessional, unfortunate, irresponsible and distasteful and same smacks of deep-seated ignorance, as the tenure of judges per the Constitution, 1992, and other relevant laws, is never in any way whatsoever tied to the tenure of the political regime under which judges are appointed,” portions of the statement from the GBA read.

Responding to the GBA, the Madina MP insisted that he stands by his statement.

In the strongly-worded statement, the human rights lawyer opined that the reaction forms part of machinations to cite him for professional misconduct.

“Again, I have noted the lame attempt by the GBA Leadership to prepare a ground to construe my statements as a Professional Misconduct Contrary to Rule 52 of L. 12423. My statement as a whole did not violate Rule 52 and can never be said to be irresponsible and unethical. Since when did speaking TRUTH to power become unethical and irresponsibility?” he quizzed.