A love relationship between two 19-year-old Junior High School pupils at Berekum has yielded fruits as the duo has given birth to triplets some four months ago.

While the lovers may have been blessed with the fruit of the womb, they are, however, struggling to make ends meet, let alone take care of their triplets.

Mother of the triplets, Winnifred Kyeremaa, told Adom News that her baby daddy is her senior, a final year student she has been dating for financial gains.

The campus romance, she said, graduated to visits to Clinton, the boy’s room where they constantly had carnal knowledge of each other.

What was a beautiful relationship, however, steadily fell apart when their adult play resulted in a pregnancy.

Clinton is said to have suggested an abortion but Winnifred confessed she was too scared to agree hence took the decision to give birth, a decision that has now yielded two girls and a boy.

Winnifred said Clinton abandoned her during the pregnancy and after birth but has attributed his behaviour to financial constraints.


Currently, Winnifred is residing with ten other people in a dilapidated room at her family house as Clinton still lives with her mother, also in the same compound.

Winnifred who says she was aspiring to become a medical practitioner has now been reduced to a nursing mother.

“I thought I was heading for something that will take me out of my poverty but I rather moved from frying pan to fire. If I knew this relationship will end up this way, I wouldn’t have accepted his proposal”.

“I really regret my action since fending for triplets is a huge burden,” Clinton also retorted.

The duo is therefore appealing for public support to take care of their triplets.