Ghanaian musician Camidoh has replied critics who believe he found success with his banging tune ‘Sugarcane’ because he sounded Nigerian.

According to him, it’s quite shallow for anybody to think like that.

In an interview with Noella Kharyne Yalley on ‘Xclusives’ show on JoyPrime, he quizzed why most Ghanaians seem to enjoy and hail foreigners for singing in our local dialect, yet when Ghanaian musicians do the same, it becomes a problem.

“It’s their opinion, for which they’re entitled to. With time, people will get to understand that we were never meant to be just Ghana. We were meant to be Africa. I’m Ewe, if I chose to go by that mentality, I’ll be doing music solely in Ewe. And if we think like that, then we will be encouraging boundaries.”

He continued, “It’s 2022, and a time the world is trying to be one. So if we’re going to sit here and allow Nigerians, South Africans, come to Ghana, borrow our words, make music with it, and we jam to it, yet when we (Ghanaian musicians) borrow their words and make music with it, we (Ghanaians) criticize it, then we’ve erred. So whoever thinks that I’m shining in the shadows of another country, it’s a shallow way of looking at things.”

He also admonished Ghanaians to back down on the incessant criticisms, and embrace evolution around creativity when it comes to doing music.

“It’s not like it’s deliberate to sound Nigerian, am I only going to make my money in Nigeria? No! Is the Nigerian sound the sound of the world? No! The world is open to listening to every sound that’s quality. So let’s not make it seem like I’m trying to deliberately sound Nigerian, so I can tap into their market,” Camidoh explained.