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The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has warned citizens, especially those in border areas across the country to be cautious of commercial motorbike riders popularly known as okada riders in order not to be victims of human trafficking and other crimes.

Speaking at a Border Security and Management Sensitization engagement held at Buko in the Bono region, Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI), David Odoi Kpobi, alleged that, some motor riders work with human trafficking syndicates and move unknowing victims to nearby countries.

According to him, the riders move through illegal routes to avoid detection by Immigration Service officers stationed at borders.

DIS Kpobi expressed concern about how human trafficking was reemerging in the Jaman North district, which shares a border with Ivory Coast and charged the public to be alert.

The programme organized by GIS and the Department of Social Welfare is aimed at strengthening border management and security to help reduce cross-border activity.