Singer Mzbel says she cannot wait for Ghana’s borders to be opened so she can travel abroad for her hip enhancement surgery.

Coronavirus has got many countries to close their borders as a check to curb the spread of the virus.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall, Mzbel said she has readied her mindset to alter her hip because she doesn’t like how it looks on her.

She explained that she didn’t want anyone’s opinion or counsel because she had already made her mind up and discussed with her boyfriend, who even gave her the money to do it.

Mzbel told the host, Mike 2, that she will organise a party when all goes well to celebrate her new physique.


If I return, I wouldn’t care about what anyone says. I put my life on the line, so I am going to have a ‘hip party’ to celebrate…my friends should mark it on the calendar.

I already have the money, it’s left with the confidence. I am 40 going to 41, why would you want to stop a matured woman like me. I have already discussed with my boyfriend and he has given the money for it.

Stressing on how serious she is, Mzbel said, I am not lying I have to do it. It’s one of the things I want to do in my life. It has gotten to that. Sometimes I take nice photos and I cannot post them so I want to fix that.