Fix the country protestors
Fix the country protestors

The Acting Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare, has assured patrons of the FixTheCountry demo of maximum security for the march scheduled for August 4, 2021.

This was in a meeting held between COP Dampare, top police hierarchy, and the group after assuming office on August 1, 2021,

Members of the Economic Fighters League, who were present at the meeting, announced the development in a statement signed by the Commander in Chief, Ernesto Yeboah.

“The meeting was held at the request of the newly appointed IGP. According to him, his reason for calling the meeting was to assure us of maximum protection from the start to the end of the August 4 #FixTheCountry protest,” part of the statement read.

The statement added that the IGP and other Police Chiefs also went through the agreed routes with the group.

“We went over the routes earmarked for the protest from Obra spot (Circle) — Farisco Left — TUC — Kinbu Senior High School – Centre for National Culture – to Independence Square,” the statement added.


Meanwhile, the convenors have announced the recruitment and training of marshalls to ensure adherence to covid-19 safety protocols and also guide the crowd.

“On COVID-19 protocols, the marshals will be in charge of making sure people wear their mask and maintain distance,” the statement assured.

Read the full statement below:

IGP assures #FixTheCountry protesters of maximum protection on August 4 demo