Movie Producer, Kofi Asamoah, is calling on the government to reopen cinemas a year after they were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to him, the government has opened many places of work and worship and can’t continue to keep churches closed.

“I really think that it is long overdue because you see if we are able to have 275 of them sit in parliament, and say that they are able to follow covid protocols, and there is no cause for alarm or whatsoever, we should be able to do same for the cinema.”

He added that, unlike parliament, people do not have to talk in cinemas, adding the people will also easily follow the Covid protocols including the wearing of masks.

“In the cinema, you clap, you laugh, you cry, you are out, it is that simple. It is possible to be in a cinema and watch an entire film with a nose mask on.”


The filmmaker added that if government trusts children to go to school daily and adhere to the Covid protocols, they can trust adults will do exactly that when they visit the cinemas.

“The cinema is an enclosed space but how many of the churches we have in this country are in open-air spaces? But they are all working graciously and adhering to protocols,

“So if bankers can work and people from all walks of life can go to the banks wear their nose maks do their transactions and leave why can’t they walk into the cinema watch the movie and leave.

“Cinema is even a place where the crowd can be controlled. If you enter it is strictly by ticketing. It is a highly controlled environment,” the CEO of Kofas Media said.