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Right To Play is encouraging Ghanaian girls to believe in themselves and the power of their dreams as it launches a mentorship programme in Ga South in the Greater Accra Region. 

According to the organization, when children are empowered to believe in themselves and their dreams, they are able to adopt the right set of attitudes towards their achievement. 

Speaking at the launch of the Girls’ Mentorship Programme in partnership with the Ga South Municipal Education Directorate on March 25, 2021, Project Officer at Right To Play Ghana, Hilda Ninfaa said mentoring is all about relationship building. 


“Right To Play is confident that mentoring is a valuable means of providing support and reinforcing the belief that every girl is special and important,” she said. 

The Project Officer noted that: “Girls group mentoring programmes are meant to create a supportive environment where girls can make connections with seasoned mentors that foster their strengths and support them through challenges.”  

At least 24 girls from six selected schools known as the Centre of Excellence Schools in the Ga South Municipality, are expected to participate in the programme. Also, a total of six Girl Child Coordinators will work to get the programme running.  

The participating schools are; Domiabra M/A, Obom M/A, Ashalaja M/A, Kweku Pamfo M/A, Kofikwe Basic School, and Nsuobiri Methodist Basic School. 

Right To Play is expected to work with a team of respected mentors who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields to mentor the girls. 

“Our mentors, some of whom are with us here will build lasting, trusting relationships and create safe spaces for our girls to take risks and choose to challenge themselves,” Hilda Ninfaa said.  

She added that: “The mentors will support our girls every day and every step of the way. They will help to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to counter stereotypes and obstacles to be able to achieve their goals.”