Popular Ghanaian media personality Gifty Anti has opened up on her past on the occasion of celebrating her 50th birthday.

Gifty has revealed rather shockingly that she was once crippled and incapable of walking when she was given birth to.

Sharing series of stories at an event dubbed The Golden Worship to mark her 50th birthday, Gifty said she became an object of envy as young girls were discouraged from looking up to her.


However, her optimism has combined with God’s grace to bring her this far, the reason she will remain committed and indebted to Him forever.

“At a point in time my elder sister, Tina advised me to be focused on what I want to do with my life and for God and when I decided to look up to God, I realised there is a God who has delivered me,” she said confidently.

As glamorous as she may look in the public eye, Gifty Anti shockingly revealed that she has never had a birthday party in her life but decided to mark her 50th with a Golden worship to acknowledge how far God has brought her in life.