Founder and Leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei, aka Kumchacha, has indicated he is a testimony that God does not call the qualified but He qualifies those He calls.

Taking his turn on Adom TV M’ashyase3, Kumchacha disclosed he was a miscreant growing up.

This, he explained, affected his education and as a result, could not even have a successful primary education.

“Stories about my education are nothing to write home about. I stopped and completed school early due to my attitude and I don’t remember the level I got to. As a young boy, I was trained to smoke weed and learnt other behaviour that did not augur well for me,” he recounted.

Kumchacha also revealed to show host, Afia Amankwa Tamakloe that he used to fight a lot and was very intolerant, hence was always prepared for a fight on the street.

“When you go to my hometown Apedwa, they will tell you about me and because I fought often, I used to grind pepper or keep broken bottles in my pocket as a weapon,” he said.

Asked what he used the pepper and broken bottles for, he indicated it was to weaken his opponents, especially if he could not face them.

“I will just pour the pepper into my hand and smear on their face and they will turn to focus more on the pain than the fight then I triumph,” he added.

Fast forward, Kumchacha noted he decided to let go of these attitudes after prophecies of God’s power upon his life started coming to him.

He was subsequently prayed for and delivered and is now a man God has used for greater works in Ghana and beyond.