Rapper Okyeame Kwame says he educates his two children, 11-year-old Sir Bota Nsiah-Apau and nine-year-old Sante Nsiah-Apau, about sex every day.

According to him, he wouldn’t want outsiders to rather open up on sex and intimacy to his children.

I think our society shies away from speaking about the most important things like sex, money, conflict, and death… these are amazing things that we need to look at, he told Andy Dosty on the Daybreak Hitz show on Monday, February 8, 2021.

The rapper explained that parents, who are failing to educate their children on the truth about sex, are affecting the way people think and behave.

Because of that we always go back to what our forefathers said about these things many years ago even though it might not be applicable in modern terms, we still hold on to it because we are too scared to talk about it, he added.


When asked how many times he educates his kids, the ‘Rap Dacta’ said:

I talk to them about it every day. On their drive to school we talk about it… They ask all sort of questions. Would you rather want their friends to tell them? Or you would rather tell them the actual truth?

The idea is to be able to empower our children with the knowledge that we didn’t have when we were their age so they will not make the mistake we made.

They ask me who is on top… why it’s done in secrecy among others. I think I am the one to tell them.

The idea is about sex and morality. I make them understand it has to be the right age, the right time and the right person. This is what we drum in.

I rather tell them what I did and how it has been done in the past. I don’t try to nudge them in any direction. I am not raising them but rather nurturing them to be the best of themselves.

Okyeame Kwame on Hitz fm’s daybreak hitz show