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A London-based Ghanaian woman, Matilda Agyapomaa, has revealed that her ex-husband packed out of their house while she was in Ghana and married another woman the following year.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, she revealed that she has regretted getting married and presently has no plans of dating. She believes that he cannot live with one person for long because “he often packs out then comes back.

“Finally, we decided to make it official. He left on July 10, July 11 he was with another woman. We broke up and he wanted to marry another woman the next year. Meanwhile, we were not officially divorced,” she said.

The mother of five added that “I had a bad headache. He called one of my children and told them that I had dementia. Imagine. If I didn’t do anything for you I have given you five beautiful girls.”

According to her, her ex-husband brought her to Austria after being married for 10 years. They lived and worked there a while before moving to Leeds.

“He told my uncle that I work too much that’s why he wants to divorce me. Meanwhile, I close at 3:00 pm. I never worked at night,” she added.