73-year-old Julia Donson Wachira and her husband

A Kenyan man has become a billionaire following the death of his 73-year-old wife, who passed away three days after their wedding.

Her marriage to him took place when she was riсh.

After her death on her honeymoon three days after her wedding, the 73-year-old woman is reported to have left her Kenyan husband with a multi-billion-dollar business empire he had built with her spouse.

After marrying a 34-year-old Kenyan doctor, Mrs Julia Donson Wachira, a 73-year-old American woman who made news and achieved celebrity after doing so, has passed away.

Dr Jоhn Wасhirа, a Kenyan-born neurosurgeon currently living in the Florida state of the United States, shared the tragic news on social media.

“My one and only love is no longer with me. She рassed аwаy from the table this evening,” he announced.

He is the owner of a multi-billion-dollar corporation that consists of a real estate brokerage and a media organization with branches in five states throughout the United States of America, as well as a media company in Russia.