Rapper Medikal has shed light on his surprising background, revealing that he lived and attended school in the UK from ages 11 to 14.

This revelation came as a shock to many fans and panellists on the 3Music show, as Medikal is known for seamlessly switching between Ghanaian and UK accents in his music.

Medikal explained that his parents separated during his time in the UK, leading him to make the decision to return to Ghana with his mother.

According to him, this marked the beginning of his life in Sowutuom, a suburb of Accra.

Despite his return to Ghana, Medikal maintains strong ties to the UK, where he still has family members.

“People don’t know I lived in Brixton from age 11 to 14 before I came down. My mom and dad divorced and I chose my mom’s side, and we went through some or twos. Before Sowutuom, it was Brixton. Why would I mimic the accent? I have family there,” Medikal explained, addressing misconceptions about his accent.

Interestingly, the panellists expressed their surprise at this revelation, but Medikal, who recently sold out the O2 Indigo arena in London, believed it was already common knowledge.