Francis-Xavier Sosu Madina MP

The Madina Member of Parliament (MP), Francis-Xavier Sosu, says he is not scared to exit the legal profession for cautioning against acts that have the potential to erode the country’s democracy and judicial system.

Responding to a statement by the Association of Judges and Magistrates (AMJG) over his Partisan Judges comment, Mr Sosu said he is ready to put his career on the line and expressed worry over the posturing of the Association.

“Be that as it may, perhaps this may be the end of my legal profession journey but I do not fear to leave the ‘noble’ profession for cautioning against ‘ignoble’ acts of few bad nuts that can destroy our democracy,” he said.

The Association had earlier taken great exception to a statement made by the MP during an E-levy protest on Friday, February 11, 2022.

While describing the comment as “unfortunate, reckless and misguided”, and an attempt to scandalise the judiciary, the Association hinted at lodging a formal complaint against the lawmaker.

The complaint, they said, is necessary due to the severity of the MP’s comment and the potential to damage the image of the Judiciary.

But in a response to this, Mr Sosu said the claims made by the Association lack merit, adding that “we risk collapsing our country if the Judiciary cannot take this counsel in good faith.

“I am fortified by a phrase in the National Anthem – Bold to defend forever the cause of freedom and of rights. This is my resolve. However it ends, I am glad I served my generation.

“The above core duties would imply that the Association should be interested in people like myself who are bold to ask judges to be apolitical in the performance of their functions of office. The Association cannot achieve any of the above objects when judges become partisan and allow political parties to influence them,” he stressed.

Ghana Bar Association’s reaction

On Monday, February 14, the Ghana Bar Association also expressed displeasure over Mr Sosu’s comment.

In a statement, the Association said the remarks by the NDC lawmaker are ‘ignorant’ and ‘irresponsible’, with the possibility of courting disaffection for the judges and exposing them to danger.

But in a response, the Madina MP insisted that he stands by his statement.

“Again, I have noted the lame attempt by the GBA Leadership to prepare a ground to construe my statements as a Professional Misconduct Contrary to Rule 52 of L. 12423. My statement as a whole did not violate Rule 52 and can never be said to be irresponsible and unethical. Since when did speaking TRUTH to power become unethical and irresponsibility?” he quizzed.

Read full statement below: