MP for Ningo-Prampram, Sam Dzata George

Ningo-Prampram Member of Parliament(MP), Sam George, has encouraged the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) to exercise any legal options available to them.

Mr George has said he believes the legal action will open a vista for a wider investigation into the sector that Ghanaians may not have looked at closely.

GREDA has threatened to sue the MP over money laundering claims against the sector, describing it as unfortunate and defamatory.

The company, therefore, demanded that Mr George apologises within seven days or leave them with no option but to head to court.

Reacting to the development, the tough-talking politician said he has no intention to apologise or retract the statement.

“In my statement, l said there was money laundering in the real estate sector of Ghana and went ahead to explain what l meant and how it is carried out.

“I am surprised the GREDA Executive Council is seeking to ascribe the criminal activities to ALL of its members when no such allusion was made by me nor the host who actually introduced the subject of real estate into our conversation. It is akin to me getting offended by the statement that ‘all politicians are thieves’,” the MP explained.

To him, the truth is fearless in the face of intimidation and bold in the interest of the nation, adding as a public officer, he was minded by his fidelity to the truth.

“It is shocking that an association like GREDA would seek to play the ostrich and display publicly the malaise that bedevils our beautiful Nation ·hypocrisy! How GREDA can boldly seek to make the claim that they are unaware of the fact that money laundering is happening in the real estate sector of our country is shocking and disappointing.

“This phenomenon is not peculiar to Ghana alone and in serious jurisdictions, legitimate industry players work with State authorities to rid their sector of these criminals,” he lashed out.

He further indicated he has received messages from hardworking and credible real estate developers who are engaged in honest enterprise commending him for speaking out on an issue that threatens the viability of the sector.

The attempt by the Executive Council to paint a picture that all GREDA members are saints and above reproach, therefore, to him is one that would leave any discerning mind in stitches.


Read the statement below: