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Sellasie is a single mother of three who lives in Norway, and she has stated that both fathers of her children were either immature or lied to get their way into Norway.

Speaking on SVTV Africa, Sellasie indicated that she decided to be a single mum living her best life possible after two failed relationships.

According to Sellasie, she was never married to either of them. However, the first relationship lasted for about a decade.

“In this case, I was working, and I felt like the burden was too much on me. I want a stress-free life. Where I am right now, he is not there. It’s not about property, but it’s about maturity.


“As you grow, there are a lot of things you may want to achieve, but if the man does not have the same dreams and mindset as you, you can’t spend your life with him,” Sellasie told DJ Nyaami.

She also mentioned that she met her youngest child’s father in Ghana when she visited. According to Sellasie, they were planning to get married until she found out that he was dating.

“We had the same dreams, and we planned a lot together, but he lied to me. He had a partner who was five months pregnant. I only found out when I was already pregnant.”

“I don’t think I’ll date a Ghanaian or black man again. Even if it’s an Asian as long as he loves my children and me,” she added.