coup plotters for court
Colonel Samuel Kojo described the accusations as surprising when called upon by Magistrate Eleanor Botwe to speak

A senior military officer, accused together with others of plotting to overthrow government, says he is being vilified.

Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli on Tuesday took the offer from the District Court to speak for the first time after the State prosecutors had asked that he should be committed to stand trial at the High Court.

Senior State Attorney Hilda Craig had told the court that some of them held discussions on whether or not to kill the President once their plot succeeds.

They are also alleged to have planned to acquire electronic equipment solely for the purpose of jamming the National Communications Authority’s system to render all broadcasting stations except the state broadcaster useless.

Col. Gameli described the accusations as surprising when called upon by Magistrate Eleanor Botwe to speak.

coup trial gameli

“I am innocent and deny the charges against me. As a senior military officer I have served the armed forces and mother Ghana for 31 solid years. I was recently promoted. Is this the best way to thank my superiors?” he quizzed.


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On the other soldiers standing trial with him, he said he doesn’t know any of them but he will be their commander in this trial.

“I have not met them before, they have never served under me, and I have never held any such discussions with them.  However, in this trial, I am their commander and my heart is with them,” he said.

He, however, admitted to knowing the first accused person Dr Frederick MacPalm, who he said was his school mate and has for years been his family doctor. He, however, said he has no idea about the weapons said to have been found at Dr MacPalm’s medical facility.

He ended his statement to the court by saying he suspects a plot by the security agencies because of what he knows.

“I think my link with this alleged coup plot is an orchestration by security agencies because of some serious problems within the Ghana Armed Forces which some of us are aware of. I am being intimidated and vilified. I deny all the charges against me. I have not been treated well since I was arrested. Sharing one lavatory with my soldiers and tooth paste as a senior military officer is unfair” he ended his statement.