A middle-aged fisherman, Robert Kotei, was tasked to clean a section of the choked Mamprobi drains after he was caught openly defecating in broad daylight.

Mr Kotei was found attending to nature’s call in a gutter by the Korle-Gonno /Chorkor road in the sunny hours of 10am today, March 3, 2020.

Defending himself, the fisherman explained though there was a toilet facility in his community, he decided on the gutter because he was miles away from home.


The Environmental Health Team, which caught him defying sanitation rules, asked him to immediately choose between Court Action and cleaning the entire section of the drain.

Analysing the task, Mr Kotei chose the latter and is expected to clean the Mamprobi drain for a whole week after which he will weed the environment.

The discovery was made as part of Joy News’ Clean Ghana Campaign which was extended to some parts of Mamprobi for sanitation inspection.