Joe Wise, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament
Joe Wise, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament has revealed that he met his wife for the first time in a commercial bus (Trotro) while working as a driver’s conductor.

Joseph Osei-Owusu said, “she was a passenger on their truck” who was seated right in front of him on her way to school.

He made this revelation during an interaction on JoyNews’ PM Express Personality Profile on Friday, June 25.

The Member of Parliament, affectionately called Joe Wise, further explained that “her school was on the Cape Coast highway by then and the major bridge from her end had collapsed so they had to go to Obuasi before they connect to Dunpaase that’s where she went to school.”

According to him, his shy nature prevented him from initiating a conversation with the lady.

“I was sitting in the truck; she was sitting right in front of me but I was shy I couldn’t talk to her,” he said.

But he eventually had the chat with her, asked of her name and that’s how their friendship began.

“She started the conversation with a mechanic travelling with us and she was able to express her thoughts and so I joined in and asked her name she said she was going to school here that’s how we become friends and continued,” he stated. 

According to him, he joined his father’s truck for eight months right after he completed the sixth form while awaiting his certificate.

“I was a driver’s mate after sixth form for almost eight months. After 6th form we were home, we were supposed to have gotten admission into the university. I filled my form, we were supposed to go to the university on 24th October then we heard the announcement that the reopening had been postponed infinitely.


“So we were just hanging around and then one morning my father said ‘Joe if you are not doing anything at home why don’t you join the truck’. He had a mummy truck being used for commercial purposes passenger services from Bekwai to Obuasi, Obuasi to Kumasi sometimes,” he explained.

Mr Osei-Owusu added that he was always filled with excitement whenever he worked on his dad’s truck growing up.

“I happily joined him and I loved it. That is where I learnt to drive and I also learnt a lot about driver behaviour.  For almost eight months every morning, I will go with them plus it also made sure that there was money in my pocket,” he recounted.