Actress Sandra Sarfo Ababio has recounted a not-so-rosy experience she had on set that almost made her lose consciousness.

While speaking on the cons of acting, she revealed there came a time she almost rejected a movie offer after she was faced with unbearable stress on set.

In Ewiase Afunu Me, where she played the lead role, Sandra said she was made to shoot more than 50 scenes, which is twice the average number of scenes per movie.

To make matters worse, she was required to change into different moods at different times, according to the script.

“I cried throughout to some point, I was beaten, stamped upon and slammed with different things,” she recounted.

After the cameras had gone off, Sandra said she felt light-headed and drained due to the constant maltreatment by other characters.

However, she believes that has shaped her to be the skilled actress and producer she is, five years on.

She made the revelation in an interview on Adom TV’s Badwam after she had been unveiled as host of talent show, Adepam.

Adepam, which attracts the response, ‘Won Sa Nu Adwuma’, is a vocational skill-oriented programme which seeks to unearth talents in the dressmaking fields.

The show begins airing from Sunday, July 4 at 4:00 pm on Ghana’s number one entertainment channel Adom TV.