old woman killed lynch
The victim

A new video online has revealed how 90-year-old Akua Denteh, who was lynched at Kafaba, was tortured to confess to being a witch the night before her death.

In the video, late Denteh is heard pleading innocent to accusations by her assailants that she was a witch who killed people in the area.

A lady, who appeared to be the fetish priestess, was captured whipping the old lady as she demanded names of her supposed victims.

The video from 3 news.com saw the late Denteh, in her plea for mercy announce she had lost three children herself.


She was later given a concoction to drink, some of which was sprinkled on her, after which she was again coerced to confess with a machete pointed at her as she laid helpless on a resting chair.

The priestess was also heard telling a young lady who takes care of the old woman how lucky she was to have been alive.

She claims the old lady killed her children and that the lady taking care of her would have been the next.

The old woman, whose pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears, was eventually forced to say she killed her children and asked for forgiveness.

Watch the video below: