The two nurses who went viral for broadcasting on Facebook Live have been sacked.
Trudy Ewurama Marcel and her colleague nurse Ramatu both workers of Royal MMR Hospital shocked Ghanaians with their conduct.
They chose to do Facebook Live while at work and responded to comments at the expense of patients awaiting to seek healthcare.
When Adom FM broke the news Thursday, authorities at the hospital were stunned and assured the two nurses would be sanctioned.
After thorough investigations, Medical Director of Royal MMR Hospital, Dr. Mohammed Donkor confirmed to Adom News Friday that the two have been fired.
He indicated that, Trudy and Ramatu who were employed as health assistants are aware their conduct is against hospital rules.
Dr. Donkor said the hospital feels very embarrassed by the conduct of the two thus they had no choice than to part ways with them.
Meanwhile, the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) has instituted investigations into the matter, saying the conduct of the two posed a threat to the integrity of the Nursing profession.
Public Relations Officer of the association, Douglas Adu Fokuo though their conduct is unpardonable, they are worried about the psychological well-being of two nurses.
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  1. This is one of the best decisions ever taken in Ghana where people play with their job but expect to be paid at the end of the month.

  2. As I watched the 2 nurses, my reaction was this : How is this possible? At they really at work as Nurses?….
    I wish them well wherever they find themselves. …..

  3. Have they no idea of their code of ethic concerning their profession? It’s not only a gross insubordination but an act of unprofessionalism. Yes, making escape goat of them could served as a deterrent to others who re doing it but not caught yet. They are not the first & will never be the last victims. I support the sack.

  4. i am totally in agreement with the doctor’s decision concerning firing the two nurses but i will be more happy if ramatu is given another chance to work. she never said anything in the video

  5. They are very disrespectful and think wearing the white is all.Interact c them especially those in the private sector, n u will wish this course is stopped.The private sectors blamed . Reward of cheap labor.u can go n defend or assist them but remember that standards of Nursing n Midwifery has fallen b’cos of all these. The CEO is nurse.

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