It is now trending on social media and has taken the entire nation by storm with their Facebook live video.
The yet to be identified nurses chose to do Facebook Live while at work and responded to comments.
The video which is the Number 3 trending issue after the Rashida Black Beauty and the ICGC Greater Works Donation has attracted lots of backlashes from Ghanaians most of whom could not comprehend how persons mandated to take care of patients can afford to abandon their duty and play.
Watch the video below:



  1. Ghanaians should stop living a life of pretence and focus on more serious issues….video says little about whether they were on break or not in any case if they are to be working who should be making sure that the work is done and done right…you don’t allow employees to do whatever they wish and you turn around to make noise about it…if the video is improper its a shame for the hospital as well for poor management and supervision

  2. Too much illiteracy in a state or country I call mother land. it’s so clear this nation can never move forward if people would leave comments like this. Travel and see! Work is work and it looks clearly this gals are happier on social media thank being a nurse.