Principal of the Jackson College of Education (JCE), a subsidiary of the Jackson Educational Complex in Kumasi, has cautioned students not to yield to peer pressure to jeopardize their future.
Mrs. Theodosia W. Jackson advised the youth to guard against their future by taking the right decisions regarding opportunities in education and other careers.
She further admonished them not allow themselves to be dictated to by their peers during an interaction with the press.
The Principal, while commending all 2017 WASSCE candidates for generally performing better especially, in Mathematics and English, counselled candidates whose performances were below average not to be discouraged or disappointed but rather, persevere in their educational pursuits to secure better future. “Failures in examinations are not failures in life on earth”, she noted. The Principal again advised them to persevere to achieve higher educational laurels because, known achievers, according to her, have had to battle it out in life to succeed.
She said their inability to gain admission into the universities does not mean all is lost or the world has come to an end. Alternatively, she posited that they ought to cling on to other opportunities to pursue their careers.
According to her, aside from securing admission into the universities, opportunities also abound in other tertiary institutions like the colleges of education including the Jackson College of Education, which admits students with five credits including English and Mathematics to pursue Diploma in Basic Education.
Mrs. Jackson, referring to the slogan of the Jackson College of Education: “Hope for brighter future”, indicated that the College is ready to help students achieve their goals in the education pursuit.
The Principal added that each individual has a peculiar talent and therefore it is not possible for all students to pursue Medicine, Law or teaching. She advised parents not to blame their wards when they fail to deliver excellent performances in exams.
Mrs. Theodosia W. Jackson suggested that they should rather guide their wards to discover their innate potentials.