Beverly Afagloe

Actress Beverly Afaglo has opened up about her decision to abandon Facebook, citing the overwhelming negativity and insults she faced on the platform.

During an interview on Adom TV’s Okukuseku with Emelia Brobbey, Beverly recounted that, she became target of cyberbullying following a GoFundMe created on her behalf to help her rebuild her life after a devastating house fire.

She recalled the harrowing night when she lost everything, as the Police prevented her from entering the house to salvage any belongings for safety reasons.

“I could not sleep because I was traumatized,” she said, explaining that the only items she had were the t-shirt and leggings she was wearing.

Nonetheless, she expressed relief that her children were safe, and they spent the night at her sister’s house.

In light of the incident, fellow actress, Yvonne Nelson suggested starting a GoFundMe campaign to help Beverly rebuild.

Although she initially relied on her supportive family, Beverly realized that rebuilding would be difficult and agreed to Yvonne’s idea.

However, the campaign led to unexpected backlash as Beverly said she received numerous insults and attacks, particularly on Facebook.

“People insulted me on Instagram and other apps, but Facebook was the worst. I didn’t know where the attacks were coming from because imagine I had lost everything and I was still being targeted,” she noted.

The negativity became so intense that she decided to stop using the platform entirely.

To preserve her peace of mind, Beverly has not returned to Facebook since the incident that happened in August 2021.