A High Court ruling has sided with the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) in a case involving the Chairperson and leader of the party.

The Vice-Chairman of the CPP, Onzy Kwame Nkrumah, filed an interlocutory injunction against the Chairperson, Nana Frimpomaa Sarpong Kumankuma in March 2022, seeking to prevent her from carrying out her leadership responsibilities.

The court ruled in favour of the plaintiffs.

In a press release on March, 11, the CPP stated that its victory was not just for the CPP but for the democratic process and the rule of law in the country.

“It reaffirms the principles of rightful leadership and the importance of internal party democracy and governance,” it added.

The CPP further called on Ghanaians to recognize the challenges facing the country’s democracy and to unite behind the CPP and its leadership as we approach the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Full statement below: