Ghana’s Minister for Finance, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam has emphasized the crucial role of the country’s revenue collection institutions in supporting the government’s revenue generation efforts to meet the developmental needs of Ghanaians.

He stressed that without adequate revenue, financing the budget would be challenging, leaving loans as the only option.

During a visit to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in Aflao, the Minister commended the staff for their dedication to mobilizing revenue to fund essential government programs.

The Karaga Member of Parliament acknowledged their significant contributions and emphasized the importance of their work in achieving national development goals.

Dr. Adam expressed the urgency of the situation, highlighting the limited time he has as Finance Minister to deliver results.

He stressed the need for collective efforts from all stakeholders to succeed in meeting revenue targets and driving sustainable development.

Recognizing the importance of efficient revenue collection, the Minister underscored the need for continuous improvement and innovation within the Ghana Revenue Authority.

He encouraged staff to explore new strategies to enhance revenue mobilization while ensuring transparency and accountability.

In conclusion, Dr. Adam reiterated the government’s commitment to maximizing revenue collection to finance critical programs for the benefit of all Ghanaians.

He expressed confidence in the dedication of the Ghana Revenue Authority’s staff and called for their continued support in achieving the nation’s development objectives.

“I came here to encourage you to double your efforts and not to talk down on the significant progress that you have achieved in recent years”, he said.

“I have just a few months to end my tenure as Finance Minister but help me, let’s work together for this one-year stewardship as a Finance Minister to be memorable for me and all of us so we can say that during the time Amin Adam was Finance Minister, he worked with GRA officials and revenue collectors and this is the legacy we left,” he added.