Rapper Sarkodie has sent out a word to musicians who want to build their careers to higher heights.

According to him, the easiest way to set foot in the music industry is to have a hit song but the harder part sets in when it comes to maintaining relevance.

Sarkodie, who is set to release his new album dubbed ‘No Pressure’ on July 30, said a hit song cannot cement the career of a musician but rather through hard work.

You can have the hits but it secures nothing, you have to build it and ground up and when you have a solid fanbase… you have to do it little by little… I had to do lots of travelling when I was up-and-coming.


Because of passion, I was doing the crowdsourcing and by the time I was on TV they felt like they were part of it, Sarkodie said on Kumasi-based Pure FM, monitored by Adomonline.com.

Advising up-and-coming rappers, he said:

The easiest way is the hardest way. You can have a hit and you need to maintain. Just having hits doesn’t secure you being in the game for long…  you need to know your power and hammer on it.

I criticise myself a lot and think about how you will see me… I can see you have a huge following and people who care about you so your movement cannot be regular…, he advised.

Watch the video below: