Ghana Revenue Authority

A Deputy Attorney General, Alfred Tuah-Yeboah, has justified the presidency’s decision to withhold the full KPMG report regarding the contentious revenue assurance contract between GRA-SML.

In response to the Media Foundation for West Africa’s (MFWA) request for the complete KPMG report, the presidency cited specific sections of the report, including deliberations and recommendations, as exempt from disclosure, based on provisions within the RTI Act.

Expressing concerns over confidentiality and the sensitivity of the data involved, the presidency declined to release the report in its entirety, as outlined in a letter addressed to the MFWA and signed by the Chief Director to the Chief of Staff, H. M. Wood.

In an interview with Citi TV at the 14th Commonwealth Regional Conference for Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa, Deputy Attorney General Tuah-Yeboah urged the public to respect the presidency’s rationale for withholding the report.

Tuah-Yeboah emphasised the validity of the reasons put forth by the presidency in declining the request for the release of the report.

He argued that releasing the report would serve no constructive purpose.

According to Tuah-Yeboah, the report’s release would not yield any tangible benefits, reinforcing the necessity for the presidency to maintain its stance on withholding it.

The Deputy Attorney General reiterated the importance of respecting the presidency’s decision, underscoring the need for transparency and adherence to legal protocols in matters concerning the disclosure of sensitive information.

“I think the reason for the decline of the request has been outlined by the government, and for now we must stick to that. But if something new comes up, and there’s a need to revisit it that should be the case. As we have it now, the reason has been made known to the public and it’s also within the law. So, let’s see what happens.”

“The president has the report, he has gone through it, and based on the advice, he has come out with what he thinks should to be done. Moving forward, if we think there’s a need for the report to be out and if there’s no other reason but if upon further assessment there’s a need to review it, why not? As I said, there’s a reason for it, that reason is valid, let’s stick to it and move on,” he insisted.


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